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his voice is kindaa.


I like this game a lot! i also played ur other game "trapped with jester" :D


i need more of these 


Ha ha, the Demon King is so cute. I want to kiss him when I see him blushing! But this game also taught me that I should not rush to kiss: (... (laughing secretly)

Took me a while but I got it!


This was such a funny little visual novel! I love how the hero can be shameless or a blushing mess in certain routes but I absolutely adore the Demon Lord who has to listen to the Hero confess nearing his death and just has to go "excuse me wHAT?!" I also enjoy the endings, especially with how easy to get the Bad End 1 is because after logically thinking about it, the Hero instantly vanquishes the Demon Lord with no chill AHAHAHA! I really do enjoy the game even though it felt clunky and the voice lines would glitch at times, great job for creating this little visual novel!

Oh did you play the web version? Cause that one is indeed clunkier compared to the other versions ^^"
Web version takes time to buffer the assets which causes some glitchiness. For best performance, PC version is recommended.

Glad you enjoyed though!

Ohh I see! That makes more sense now, I still enoyed my time with it and I loved hearing the voice actor ahaha, I might download it again just for that!

this is so fun my god


i love this game, short but adorable, i love how the hero answers back lololol and his voice sounds so good!


lol you had a long hard journey to finally get strong enough to defeat the demon lord, and after beating him to a bloody polp you realize he's kida hot lmao

Amazing game👍



I really love this game!
The artsyle, the background, him himself, and the voice acting is immaculate!!
I do wish this has part 2 though, whether it has angst, fluff or anything, I don't care. Cause I will still play it!


Bro I kill demon lord frist. 🤣🤣


can you add more endings please? also i love the game.



Quite a lovely game! Cute art style <3


I got all the endings and the bad ones are really sad, but the good ones are so wholesome! I hope they're very happy together. Though I'm still kinda mad that he ripped out our heart in my first ending.


ive played this abt 10 times i need grass(the voice is so hot i wanna steal it😭)

I so agree with you.

great short game! good job Va 


AWWWW, such a cute game (And the voice is really hot ngl)

I agree.

I like the game a lot. I found three of the four endings so far.

The VA did a fantastic job! Short and really cute 


The voice honestly scared me and I thought someone was talking to me outside of the game. You made a really cute game, its short and the design is amazing along with the voice acting!! ^^<3

aw >///<

i love him so much, i've replayed this game like 6 times already he's too hot for this world 😭 his blushing sprite makes me feel some stuff man AAAAAA (*˃﹏˂*)!!!!

me2!! he got it purring frl

Fantastically fun short game! The premise is excellent, and the Demon Lord is adorable. I adore his design (unfairly attractive and suitably sinister) and the writing and dialogue is super fun (great banter, and I do love an evil boy who gets flustered). The voice acting is superb, and is a great addition to the game. Overall a fantastic piece, and I greatly enjoyed my time playing it! <3

Thank you for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! <3




It was a short and nice game! Love the art and voice acting.

Thanks! ^_^

Oh myy good job uwu

I'm sad because its a short game :c

You should do a part2 :333(Or something)


I might. Someday. Who knows? ;D

Yeyy good girl <3 I will definitely play when it comes uwu


Me every second: HeY ShAWtY


I read the comments to see what people were saying about this game, and everyone kept on praising the voice actor of the Demon Lord. Now that I have played it, I have to agree, but while the voice actor was really great, so was the Demon Lord's design and the dialogue between the Demon Lord and the hero. This game was really well made, and it would be great even without the voice acting. I would love to see more games like this.

Aww thanks! I really appreciate this comment ^_^


if only the demon king was real <3


Honestly best VA I've heard in any of the games I've found on this site

Came back to play again and it keeps me feel giddy (kinikilig) each time I hear the Demon Lord's voice! <3 IHyuiJfhAUIWfaw


Came back for this and I loved it even more!!! <3

Wish there are more demon games like this, such an excitement to hear the voice that matches perfectly with the character!!! *tears of joy*. Also I do have a question, are you from Philippines? Because you made "Ibong Adarna" and it's most likely a Philippine story.  


Oh yup. I am :>



Awwww this was so cute <3 Thank you for making this! I wish there were more games out there like this.

Thanks <3

Just curious, more kind of what? Super short story?

I like games with unique premises like trying to pick up the demon lord after defeating him in combat. This was a fun idea I hadn't really seen implemented before. You are very creative!

Oooh the premise. Thanks for the input! ^_^


I really enjoyed this! I actually wish it was longer. The demon lord turned out to be pretty adorable.

Thanks! Happy you enjoyed it ^_^

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The game is enjoyable and the demon king is very cute :D

Thank you! ^_^

omg this is really cute 🗣️🗣️

Thanks! ^_^

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