A quacktastic girl (and ducks)-meets-boy romance prequel to the ancient Greek tale of the Odyssey!

Huh? What's that? You don't know what's Iliad and Odyssey?

tldr; They're ancient Greek epic poems. 

You don't really need to be familiar with either to play this game.

Also if it wasn't clear enough, yes, there are ducks.


You play as Penelope, the naïve, sheltered, timid daughter of one of the Spartan kings, Prince Icarius.

While staying at her uncle's place, Penelope encounters one of her cousin's supposed suitors, the notorious 'trickster king', Odysseus.

But this Spartan princess is also notorious in her own right...

... As the favorite daughter of the king?

No, not that one.

I mean, as the notorious 'duck girl'.



-30k+ words (I think)

-1 love interest

-Romance events can vary depending on choices

-Romance and Friendship endings

-Tons of bad ends (I lost count how many ^^")

-Extra post game bonus

-(NEW!) Unlockable gallery feature


-Not enough duck puns, sadly

-More than 10 scuffed CGs

-Partial nudity???

-Rough walkthrough .txt file in the PC/Mac versions

*This VN has multiple endings, ranging from romantic endings, to friendship endings, though there are two main endings- one is more on the lighthearted side, and the other is more lore heavy.


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so cute > <

Do we get a second game/novel part?!  I swear this is so CUTE! do you draw/write any manga? the art is SO, just SO, CUTE AND DETAILED

I am bout to have a cuteness overload after this

I have some small art snippets and posts on Twitter! 

Otherwise, just keep watch for possible announcements ^_^


Thank u so much for making these ╰(*°▽°*)╯


Just spreading my Odysseus x Penelope agenda😌

WOWWOWO THIS GAME WAS SO GOOD N CUTE!!!and as a fan of the odyssey and penelope and odysseus's relationship, i really loved this! thank you for the beautiful art and charas and dialogue <3


I am here to spread the Penelope x Odysseus agenda😉


I love this game! I really like characters' visuals, also ducks. The background setting-Penelope with duck friends is super interesting for me. I also love the characters' personalities, which are warm and healing.

Aww thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed them ^_^

I really like this game! And it is so much fun ^^ I am looking for opportunities to volunteer as a game translator as I would like to gain more experience in this sector. Would you be interested in letting me translate your game into Italian? :)

Aww thanks!

I wouldn't mind, I guess. That'd be cool!

Nice! Maybe we can talk on discord? This is my ID if you feel like reaching out Ilaria #2739 :)

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Homer would be jealous.

Problem: you say there's no partial nudity, but there's not a scrap of clothing on those ducks. No worries though, I can respect their cultural differences.


Duck culture dictates their feathers are their clothes 😔


The duck word for feathers is clearly translated best as "hair". The closest they get to "clothing" is the word they use for the feathers which are plucked by their mates, but that's better translated as "make up" or "hickey".


This is so beautiful and heartwarming! I had so much fun going through the game!! The ducks were really cute too!! I love the characters, and the relationship between Penelope and Odysseus!

Aww thanks! I'm glad you had fun ^_^


I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME!!! Its so fun and so fluff and so cute!!! But I wish there were hints on how to get some of the other photos in the gallery :( , all in all this game is GREAT! def a new comfort game for me

Aww thanks! <3

I hope you managed to get all the CGs in the end?💦

AHHHHHHHHHH, my CPU is now fixed and I just opened this app only to find out that you released a new story game <3 I LOVED IT!!!


Glad you liked it! ^_^

I created an account just to comment lol

I just wanna say that I appreciate your game. I've always loved myths and epic poems with legendary themes. However your work manages to associate those themes with the actual game lore in a light hearted manner, which I am quite a fan of. 

The purpose of the ducks was what I thought of as initially being a comic relief and it ended up being a crucial part of the plot in some situations. I loved that. I also enjoyed your own perspective of the characters. 

It reminded me of when I first read The Illiad and The Odyssey. Needless to say, it brought back memories :')

Aww that's sweet! >///<

I'm glad you think so! I tried to make sure that the ducks also find crucial roles and not just there to be 'haha funny mascots' ^_^

Started laughing after 1 minute of playing.

Got back my deserted and forgotten itch account (I was gonna create one when I realized my gmail account was taken and I had an account) just to write this comment. 

soooo cute!!!!

I'm glad this made you laugh! ^_^

Your game is soooo awesome, I spent all day after work just play this masterpiece :D But honestly i can't get that on cg the one after crying Penelope in here room, please helllp TT~TT


Oh! I think that one might be the friendzone ending. Is that the one before the uh... fanservice CG? There are two ways to get it-

A. Don't say hi to him>question him first before helping him hide>protest to dad>ask (his friends) about Odysseus>Don't take his hand- this should take you to Ending 2 route, but there will be an extra scene before the race day.

B. At the end of Ending 2, there's one last choice: friendzone the heck out of him.

Tell me if you got it! 

And I'm glad you enjoyed this game! >w<<3 

Thanky you <3 

this is so fun to play i love the story and the characters and the art is so lovely it's amazing simply amazing

Thanks! ^_^

lovely game with a sweet storyline and very funny moments. the different endings and illustrations were my favorite part.

loved the reinterpretation of the myth itself, as well as the effort you put into introducing the whole world and characters in an easy-to-digest way for those unfamiliar with Greek mythology. this game made me see Odyssey in another way hahaha! i always thought of him as this bearded, long-haired (like the statue representation of him actually) wise and rational slender yet athletic man, but never as a mischievous and troublesome sweet brat.

Thanks for taking the time to comment <3

Hehe it's my agenda to make people see Odysseus as a sweet brat XD

this game was so fun and cute!! the art was so cute, and the addition of the ducks was such a cute touch! I only got the romance end so far, but I'll definitely do more play throughs for the other ends! love the romance it was so soft and cute, kinda sad to think about the events of the Odyssey but love this game! keep creating awesome art and games!

I'm glad you had fun!
Hope you also enjoy the other endings. If you have trouble finding them, there's a rough walkthrough for the main ones in the game file (it's a notepad file) ^_^

I loved this game so much. It has a great story and I just LOVED the artwork. The visuals were amazing. As someone who does art, I cannot imagine how much time went into making all the character sprites. My hand would for sure be dead by the end of it. 

I loved the ducks as well! It really brightened the story and added some more humor to it as well! Overall, I really enjoyed the game! little sad there wont be a sequel but I get it ^^

I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

Well, there is a possibility of a sequel (I do love making content for these two), who knows? ;)

Oooo! I'll definitely be on the lookout if there is one in the future!

That was such a sweet story, I'm so glad I played this! I loved it! I was smiling from the beginning to the end. Plus The Odyssey is one of my favorite stories, so it was pretty nice to have a lighthearted and cute story about Penelope and Odysseus. I'll have to check your other games! :)

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! >w<


thanks for this beautiful game its definitely on my top 10 list I liked ducks so much they are so fun I always get a bad end on my first playthrough but surprisingly here I got a friendship end which I really liked and I loved your art style it's really cute and I liked how choices change events I really felt my choice important (some other games really don't give that feeling) I liked theatre part so much too I think I loved everything in these game I'm looking forward your next project(and I am sorry for my writing mistakes english isn't my native language)


Your English is fine! I really appreciate that you took the effort to comment ^_^

I'm glad you enjoyed the choices. I wanted this game to have some replayability, so I tried to make the choices have an impact whenever possible. I did worry that the game might end up becoming to difficult, so I snuck in a walkthrough file (for the main endings) in the game folder.

İt's not that hard but I use walkthrough for one ending but I am pretty sure if I try little hard I can found myself. Anyways it's was a beautiful experience for me thankss🥰 


Series playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrYuc1W8SHq9nqnpV4fc47uvXPJlN6mUv

Woo, thank you for the adorable story! Pre-odyssey is a charming love story about cute and soft love between a couple that you can experience in 2 hours or more. As I have mentioned, I love the interaction between our protagonists, especially how soft they were. Fluffy fluffy~ Props to the literal wingmen of ducks and their variety of looks! They made everything interesting and third-wheeling the couple, poor Odysseus. Haha for duck puns.

A light-hearted isekai sounds like a great idea, and I would love to see anything with Penelope and Odysseus and the ducks in it. I sure love to see more of that lovey dovey! Ooh, maybe PenelopexOdysseus in modern time would be nice! (I saw that great art nudge nudge wink wink). Anyway, I'll be checking out your future games and what you've made soon!


Thanks for the detailed review ^o^/

I do have a number of AU ideas for them (including Penelope and the Seven Ducks *cough*), but who knows if they'll make it into VN form ;)

Absolutely loved this! I expected to enjoy it since I'm a fan of Greek myth, but was surprised by how invested I got in the love story. The character expressions and reactions are also cute, and the ducks add a layer of humor to the story that was refreshing! So great!

Though, now thinking about the 20 year departure due to the events of Illiad/Odyssey makes me unreasonably sad :(

Glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

Yeaah... one of things I kept repeating to myself while writing this was- "who is this woman Odysseus would endure 20 years of ordeals for?" and that was one of the things I wanted to convey to those who are familiar with their myth :)

Ahhh, this was so adorable!  I'm pretty much obsessed with the Trojan War (though as a Patroclos fangirl, I prefer the Iliad to the Odyssey), so of course I had to play it after seeing your posts about it in DevTalk! :D  (Admittedly, it took me a while to get to it, because things are nuts in my life right now, but I guess I just need some ducks in my life to help me out...)  I love the character art, esp. the ducks, and Penelope hiding behind her veil. :)

The bonus scenes in the extras now make me want to see a light-hearted isekai set during the actual war.  (Or maybe I should make one where the isekai'd heroine is too busy squeeing over how lovey-dovey Patroclos and Achilles are to actually bother courting anyone herself...)

Thanks, I hope the ducks indeed helped you out! ;D

soooo cuteeeeeeeeee <3

Thanks! <3

the story of penelope and odysseus was very cute. i'm looking forward to your next project ehe

i stan the ducks!!

And the ducks thank you ;D

Thanks! I might release a new one around June-July? (for Otome Jam) But I won't be doing the story. It'll likely be a team project, the same one as Tales of Misteria (another game in my profile; feel free to check it out if you haven't yet ^_^).

is it complete

Yup. It's not a demo. It's a complete game if that's what you're asking ^_^

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Oh my gosh this brought back so many memories from when I read these greek myths at school!!

I love the way you made an otome game out of Odysseus and Penelope's story, it was so cute!! Also, gotta love the ducks 🦆  they were the real MVPs.

The extra that was unlocked at the end was really funny too!!

Awesome game, it was a lot of fun ❤️ 


The ducks just be doin' all their best! 

Thanks, I'm glad you had fun! ^_^


So cute, kyaaaa~
The world needs more Greek myth-based otome games!
Thank you for this little gem, I sincerely hope you'll keep at it :)

Thanks, glad you liked it! ^_^

Oh my, the art is good and I like the plot. It was sweet

Whoa you're fast XD