Release Delay Date Announcement (again)

Hello all,

Unfortunately, due to more unforeseen circumstances, we have to push the release date of the first route one more again. We do hope to release it as soon as possible!

On the plus side, we were able to cast Takane and Fifi (the influencer mentioned in Takane's route), and you'll be able to hear a sample of their voice acting in this release!

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Hope to see you for this release, and the full game release later this year!

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I apologise for bothering again.

There haven't been any updates on itchio for a while (and I couldn't find any recent mentions of "To Become A Tengu" at the developers' twitter accounts), so I was wondering if the first route was still planned to be released this year? Or did something happen and the project was put on hiatus?

Sorry again if what I wrote above sounded too impatient. I loved the demo so much I couldn't stop replaying it and I kept checking "To Become A Tengu"'s itchio page for new updates almost every day.


Hi there! Sorry for the delay. I don’t think you’re impatient at all considering it’s been a few months. We’re still planning for the first route to be done before the end end of the year.

Glad that you enjoyed the demo! I hope the full game will live up to your expectations!

Thank you very much for the reply! I'm looking forward to the first route and the full game!

Following!  Looking forward to it!

Don't worry, take your time owo

Take your time and take care of yourself. :)


Delays happen! I'm looking forward to getting to play the full game (and preview the first route(, but more than anything else I hope all is going as well as possible for y'all.