Hinata Kino (first name changeable) is a beautiful office lady of Cypress Handbags who is feared by her coworkers due to her perfectionism and irritable personality. Despite that, she’s one of the best saleswomen the company has, and the company has made her the lead in a major project.

However, a dream that transports her 400 years in the past as a cursed oiran that grows black wings from her back somehow becomes reality when she wakes up with those same black  feathers on her own back.

In addition, three men in her life seems to be connected to her past... will she figure out how to remove these wings? What roles do these men play in her past...?

Or is she truly cursed, and despite her best efforts, will be forced to become a tengu?

CONTENT WARNING: Depiction of abuse and prostitution (non-graphic)

-Renamable female protagonist

-Three possible love interests

-Common route (8,000 words)

-Gallery (1 available CG)

-Smol animations

VERSION NOTE: The game would sometimes get an error when on the main menu. Just click 'ignore' and the game will start. 

-Whose route would you choose first? And why?

-Which version did you play? (PC/Mac/Android/Web?)

-What's your favorite scene/event?

-Are you interested in playing the full release? :>

Paps- Writer


Anta - Sprite artist, Coder, CG artist 

Twitter | DA | Itchio

Juu- BG artist


Kido- UI and Logo artist


Tutohro- Sound Engineer


Jerron Bacat- Voice of Takane Hanano


Michelle Jin- Voice of Fifi


Royalty Free Sources:


Dova SyndromeTAM Music Factory

Phone Messaging System:
Nadia Nova


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To Become a Tengu (Android Tablet).apk 149 MB
To Become a Tengu (Android Phone).apk 150 MB

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oooo! I really enjoyed that! I hope if the full release is playable on the itchio browser I'll be able to happily muddle my way through the routes. I also found it cool how there was a little easter egg with the McHappy Bee chicken mascot chilling next to the picture of the tales of Misteria start screen on the computer, cool little promotion of it ! :)

The full version will not be available for browser due to size limitations.

It'll be available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux though.

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I really enjoyed this demo. I truly hope a full release comes at some point, no matter the delay. I love this idea and premise. It’s original and wonderful, and I could use that.

I like each of the characters. They’re each super interesting, intriguing, and endearing, and I genuinely look forward to each of them (and that seldom happens).

The choices, story, dev - all sound/look great so far. I’d love to see what they result in, those end-results, if you will. Great job, so far! I hope this releases!


Hi, thanks for commenting!

And yes, this is still being worked on. The assets are mostly complete and we're just waiting for the writing to finish before we can continue development.

I apologize for barging in on the conversation. 

If I'm not mistaken, I think I saw a message at Lepapirouge's twitter account regarding the writing of one of "To Become a Tengu" routes (Takane's?) being finished.

Is the team still planning to release Takane's route in 2023 with Riku's and Nitori's routes being put on hold? Or did the plans have changed and all three routes are scheduled to be released at the same time?


The project lead hopes to finish the writing this year, so we do hope to have it released before the year ends or early next year.


Thank you very much for the information! 

P.S. I wish I could cheer the team up with more "To Become a Tengu" fanarts (I sent a few to the project lead's e-mail in the past), but since my drawing skills are not very good, I'm afraid I might be more of a burden than support.



I just wanted to say the team's appreciated all the fanarts we've received from you! Thank you so much for your emails. 


If I can do anything to help (I’m an avid copyeditor/betareader), please let me know! You guys are doing great, though! No worries! I very much look forward to it!

Thanks! If we decide that we would like a beta reader when the routes are finished, we will consider your offer.


The demo has a lot of the elements I enjoy: noir aesthetics, past lives, protagonist with a personality,  mysterious curse.

-Whose route would you choose first? And why?

Takane Hanano's route. I liked the chemistry between him and Hinata, as well as the fact they have to work on the presentation together.  And I'd love to know what happened in their past lives.

-Which version did you play? (PC/Mac/Android/Web?)


-What's your favorite scene/event?

When Hakumei discovers her curse, when Hinata drops her onigiri, when Hinata asks Riku how lucky a certain mascot is, when Takane says he beat Hinata's record last month. Also, I liked the opening movie a lot.

-Are you interested in playing the full release? :>

Yes. I'm looking forward to it!

P.S. Are the characters' routes going to have unique storylines, or will they follow the same plot?


Hi there! Thanks for the review! 

Each of the guys will have a unique story line that changes how the curse is dealt with. Hope that answers your question!


Yes, that answers my question. Thank you for the reply!


This was a really great demo and I'm excited to play the next release! The story is intriguing, the artwork is stellar and I love Hinata's personality!

Hi there! I see in the Devlog you put the game's release date next week. but the download says version 1.0. So is the full version out now? 



Oh, it's not out yet!
We'll post a devlog announcement for any updates.

Oh okie, thank you!!! Cannot wait!! <3


-Whose route would you choose first? And why?

probably nitori's! I like him the most of the three. he seems to know something about the MC's situation, which makes him mysterious, and he's so adorable! i can relate to his quest to have friends but not really going about it well.

I hope the MC becomes a little nicer over the course of the game! that being said I love how serious and hardworking she is. It's nice to see an otome game protagonist who's so businesslike--I personally don't like protagonists who are extremely lazy. still though, being serious doesn't mean she has to be a jerk. of course, there's plenty of room for her character development, so I'm looking forward to it owo

-Which version did you play? PC and Android uwu

-What's your favorite scene/event? my fav scene was when hakumei first learns of her curse. 

-Are you interested in playing the full release? hell yeah

Can you please  make a version of the game for arm7 devices?  I really want to play this game.


-Whose route would you choose first? And why?

Out of the three Isseki Nitori stood out to me the most for his creepy yet awkwardly friendly approach but after her dream about Takane I am also curious about his route and why his character was the only one to appear different from his past, so he is a close second.

-Which version did you play? (PC/Mac/Android/Web?)


-What's your favorite scene/event?

All the mysterious pass lives and dream portion of the story.

I am also curious about the lore behind the curse.

-Are you interested in playing the full release? :>

Of course. I have to find out how it ends. ^^

Thanks for answering the questions! <3


I found a typo you can correct later if you want: "Huh? It's not really like Botan to approach me directy...?" should be "directly". 

1. Hard to answer because I like them all! Maybe Takano? I'm interested in learning about how he and the MC may have similar but very different problems.

2. PC, but I can also give it a go on Android if you want feedback on how it plays on a tablet.

3. This isn't quite what you asked, I liked how I first saw what the MC is like during her date with Nitori and then seeing the vision -- like someone else commented, she's really unlikable in the date but then later there was the OH, she's supposed to be Like That, it's part of the point. I thought that was good storytelling!

4. Absolutely!! I hope this gets turned into a full game, I really liked it!

Thanks for spotting the typo!

Would be great if you could test the Android version (but only if you have time!) ^_^


1. Isseki Nitori. He has the most intriguing personality)

2. PC

3. The dreams (I want to know about the origin of the curse)

4. Yes ^^

Thanks for answering! ^_^

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Interesting demo!

  1. Hmmm… If I had to pick, Takane Hanano. I like how professional and intelligent he is. POTENTIAL SPOILER: It looks like he’s had to deal with superficial yet opposite reactions to his looks in both lives, which I find intriguing. [I’m assuming here that he’s the ugly man in the past.]

  2. PC

  3. Favorite scene: The stabbing scene.

  4. Yes, I’m definitely interested in trying the full release! Honestly, the only thing that didn’t work for me in the demo is how judgmental/superficial our MC was during the first date with Nitori. I actually like how passionate/perfectionist she can be about her work, and I find the scenes of her past life fascinating. Overall, I’m interested in all the characters! I’m hoping the MC becomes friends with Botan. :)


Thank you for answering the questions! \^o^/

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1. Nitori's! I love his design and personality (I think he's very cute), and his connection to the MC really caught my interest.

2. PC!

3. The scenes where we saw the MC's past.

4. Yes, definitely!


Thanks for answering the questions! <3

I have a question. So is this only a demo or is this already a full version, just that there will be an "upgrade" planned for the future? I'm a bit confused by that dev post saying this is a demo...

This is a demo! The full version is (hopefully) scheduled on August (SuNoFes).

Ok thanks :D

The art ia familiar for me.... Anyway, I enjoyed the demo. Its intruding

The artist Anta has done art for 4 other VNs (listed right above the comments section), so that's probably why! Glad you enjoyed the demo though!

Can't wait to try this game, definitely looks fun!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it 👍