'The Three Princes and Adarna' is very loosely based on the Filipino epic poem, 'Ibong Adarna'. This game was made for otome jam 2021.

This version currently only contains the common route.



Three brothers set out on a quest to find a never-before -heard legendary bird, the Adarna, that could heal their ailing father... or so they were told.

It is said to live in the most dangerous place in the kingdom, Mt.Tabor; so they must first seek a guide who could hopefully make this journey much less treacherous.

For this, they find Addie, a girl who claims to be a capable(?) guide for the group. Together, they set off on their quest to obtain the Adarna bird.

Addie: "Actually, you never did tell me what you needed-"
Diego: "You mean to say that you have been traveling with us without knowing...?"
Addie: "Yeah, seems that way, hehe..."

... They'll be fine, right...? 

[Blood Depiction Warning]



Juan- The youngest prince, known to be the favorite child of the king and queen. He's a free spirit with a strong sense of justice.  Juan can be rather stubborn, making it difficult to change his mind once he's decided on something.

Diego- The second brother who's not even sure what he's here for; he didn't even want to join the quest- poor guy! Diego speaks formally, and is easy to tease. He's often the mediator when Pedro and Juan are at odds against each other, at least, until a certain girl joins the group...

Pedro- The eldest prince, as well as the crown prince, and the strongest swordsman in the kingdom. Despite all his titles, Pedro is just a big brother who loves teasing and bullying his younger brothers... or is he?

Addie- A girl who claims to live near Mt.Tabor. She's overly friendly, with a penchant for teasing, which kind of creates an uncanny rivalry between her and Pedro. Sometimes spouts out strange words and terms.



PC, Mac, Android version

-Up to chapter 3

-Better performance (doesn't lag, as far as I can tell)

"Updated Windows, Mac and Linux demo version"

-Up to chapter 3

-Better performance (doesn't lag, as far as I can tell)

-Slightly bigger file size than others (since it's playable for 3 systems)

-Settings menu art updated

-Downloadable from Mediafire

Web version

-Only up to chapter 2

-Performance issues

-Updated settings/quit menu art


Dev Team: 

... Just me. Lol. 

My little brother also helped play test it. I guess he was also the one who accidentally gave me the idea to do Ibong Adarna. 

Music and sfx assets are royalty free. Credits in the game.

Feel free to donate here (commissions also available)



-Whose route would you choose first? And why?

-Which version did you play? (PC/Mac/Android/Web?)

-What's your favorite scene/event?

-Any route expectations? Action? Drama? Misunderstandings?

-... Actually, that's it. Feel free to comment anything else though!

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsComedy, dating-sims, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, friendship, Medieval, Otome, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


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Updated Windows, Mac, and Linux Demo Version

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I enjoyed your story on chromebook I really enjoyed the art work and music a lot. I would of like to know Addie a bit more, Each of the brothers are each others best friend and enemy at the same time, (having siblings this is true fact) I really enjoyed each brothers personality a lot. Great work to you and your team :)

Glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

I had to replay this one again - it's SO good! I love the brothers and how they develop through the first few chapters. And really intrigued with how the plot will progress because of who/what Addie is and how it'll affect the story!

I can't help but be intrigued by Pedro, I really like his character because he isn't immediately liking Addie. She's quite suspicious, and he wants to keep his brothers safe. It's through her actions that he grows to genuinely trust her, and I really like that development of their relationship. I can't wait for the full game! :D

Aw thanks! ^_^

You guys did a good job making all the princes likeable, because I hated them reading the og story in 7th grade, especially Juan who just seemed to fall for every pretty girl he saw while abandoning the last. But you guys did a good job making each brother likeable in different ways and I love the dynamic between them, you can really feel a sense of camaraderie. Keep up the good work

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the characters! ^_^

I love this story cuz its one of my childhood folktales and the art is really gud, Lol R.I.P my storage but it worth it. Sana maalalamo pa kami pag famouse ka na ah XD


Asa naman maging famous🤣

GAGIIIIIII ATE/KUYA ANG GANDAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa, CHAP 1 PLNG AKO TAS NAGUSTOHAN KO AGAD!!! Nakita ko yung genshin reference dun 😏, Tas nalaman ko agad kung sino yung babae dahil sa kulay ng buhok XD tas na iintindihan ko din yung family reference

Pedro-oldest child/ Lagi napapagalitan

Diego- Secondchild/ Lagi nakakalimutan

Juan- Youngest/ favorite child



Hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters😉

this was great ! i love your version of diego so much
i'd really like to play a full version of this game one day


Diego seems to be pretty popular XD

Thanks! Glad you liked it ^_^


diego my dear love, you are my everything omg. 10/10 liking this game so far

Aww thanks! ^_^

from this game I just knew you're a filipino, well heck your VNs are amazing specially "The Demon Lord is Mine" and the Princess who need hero i forgot the title ;-; JUST it was amazinggg

Aww thanks!

Yep, Filo here lol🤣(You can call it PrinHero for short😉)

I learned this in Filipino it wasn't well explained but this game explains it more thoroughly thanks ❤

You're welcome! ^_^

oh is it not complete?

Not yet! Still in production ^_^

i look forward to it!

lmaooo i think this was one my lessons in school when i was a 7th grade

Well, it's technically a mandatory story to cover in the (Philippine) curriculum, along with Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo and Florante at Laura ;P 

i learned more about the story here than how my teacher interpreted it in my class


I had a originally had a good impression on Juan as he accepted us, though I went after Diego as he felt intriguing. I had started to see Juan as a small boi after interaction- and Diego as a bit more mature, though really shy and not confident. Continued playing, I started to really enjoy interacting with Pedro. Maybe because of his bluntness, as I am also blunt, and like to sometimes tease. I really appreciated how he was serious and took dedicated action towards his siblings, I could feel the love. I felt he was 'aware,' which by itself was a bit sad as he didn't get to enjoy himself much. My favorite scene despite originally going for Diego was the scene were Pedro apologized, when Diego got sick and almost died. We can really see how he developed and unravel his character through that interaction. It was sweet, and it felt real. I played on Android, didn't have any lags. I'm excited to see the development of the route of Pedro! This was great, thank you!

Thanks for the detailed comment!

Glad you enjoyed it ^_^

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I LIKE IT! I fr wished they we're this sweet in the actual Adarna story, because Don Pedro is making my blood boillll ughh

ANYWAYS I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT! Can't wait for it to continue 😝😝

Weeell at least the preconception of the original version makes their relationship here even sweeter, doesn't it? XD

Thanks ^_^

Loved this VN! All the main characters—including Addie—are likeable. Both the writing and the art is well done. Has a nice blend of adventure, mystery, and fun. I look forward to playing through all the routes! :D

-Whose route would you choose first? And why?
Diego was my favorite, because I love the shy, sweetheart types that are fun to tease. ^///^ But really I think all the brothers are likeable in their own ways.

-Which version did you play? (PC/Mac/Android/Web?)
PC. Didn't have any issues or lag.

-What's your favorite scene/event?
Diego's face reveal, but I'm probably biased. Hehe ~ He was already my favorite even before that scene, but I just found the situation to be funny and cute just made me like him even more. Plus I finally get to see his precious shy boy expressions ~ ;)

-Any route expectations? Action? Drama? Misunderstandings?
Honestly, my favorite is just the friendly banter and flirting. I'm a sucker for wholesome romance, so I'd like to see some of that, but it wouldn't disappoint me if they just all stay friends either. Friendship is wonderful as well ~

Otherwise I'm mostly just looking forward to learning more about the characters' backstories, including Addie. And am hoping the story has a happy ending, or at least a bittersweet one. :')

Looking forward to the final version! ^o^

Thank you so much for answering the questions! >w<

And I'm glad you enjoyed the demo ^_^


The fact that this appeared right after writing my essay about the story on my filipino quiz is saying something...

Its saying I should play it.

I hope you did well on the quiz XD

I hope so as well :D
Results still aren't out lol


Thanks! >///<

When are you going to continue this? It's Amazing!



I'm still working on this one slowly, in between smaller projects. 

The next update will be the full version, which will take a while. You can follow my Twitter (@Antares252) if you're interested to see some progress/sneak peeks (which are also sporadic ^^")

I'll probably follow your twitter. I'd love to see the updates. Is this game going to remain free? Is it still going to be available on the web? Also, when you're done with the game, are you going to release a walkthrough?

Yup! It'll be free. 

If you mean the web version though, I won't be releasing a web build since as of current, the web build couldn't even contain the full demo... so I'll be cutting out the web version. I'll still release the PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Android versions.

As for the walkthrough- I'll probably release one at a later time after the full release? Depends. Honestly, I don't want to make the game too difficult so I'm not sure if a walkthrough would even be needed.

I love the art and depth of the characters. This story was actually captivating.

Thanks! ^_^


Wow making a game all by yourself and it's supported on all platforms, good job you should be proud! I'll definitely check this out

Thanks for the support! >w<

Lovely read. Am heartbroken by the fact that this is a demo, but life goes on, I suppose T_T

Good luck!


All the hints on MC being kinda bird-related have not been missed.

Thanks! ^_^

I'll just.... *wink* ;)

HOLY MOLY! YOU'RE REALLY MAKING ME FALL IN LOVE WITH NEW FICTIONAL CHARACTARS. *Cries in Hallelujah* I've always hated Pedro and Diego in the original Ibong Adarna book, but this? YOU MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM SO MUCH! <3 JHAUAJWHFNAUHAWND

Haha, glad you liked them!

I was worried about how those two will be received by those familiar with the original story, since they were reaaally scummy in the original Ibong Adarna ^^"

YEAH! AND KEEP UP YOUR WORK! IT'S SO GREAT AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!!!! AJHAUWRFHJAWF. Also, isn't 12am already? :0 Shouldn't you have head to bed already?!?!?!

Shhh I was collecting electroculi in Genshin ok... T_T

841798555 add me on GI!!! <3 also I just finished the demo and holy moly it was good asf! I am not familiar with coding, but I do know it will be hard to make a complete especially when it had lots of scripts and you're the only one man(girl) team, hehe, but! I did enjoyed and loved it! IDK WHO TO PICK. Juan is cute and so is Diego, but Pedro is hot, *tears of sadness* Honestly, IDK WHICH ONE ONLY ROUTE TO CHOOSE SO I PICKED 3 of em, hehe.

Firstly, this game is so good! I love it. I'm not Filipino so I didn't know the original story before this, but I immediately recognized it as being very similar to "Water of Life" from Grimm's Fairy Tales. 

I think I would go with Diego's route first since I'm soo curious about his past and I just wanna protect him so bad. Plus, he looks gorgeous! Then Pedro's and then Juan's.

I played the Android version, which I'm so glad exists coz it's much more comfortable although a bit troublesome too, especially with saving while making a choice and going back a dialogue.

I don't have a favorite scene on the common route yet, but my favorite thing about this game is how you've managed to completely redeem all three characters by the end of chapter 3. I must admit I only vaguely liked Diego at the beginning and thought Pedro was a bit stuckup and uptight but by the end, I liked him way more than I expected myself to (maybe even the most). Also, Addie (whose carefree and funny attitude which I absolutely cannot relate to😅) is freaking adorable!

The only plot twist I'm expecting is that Addie isn't human and maybe somehow her family is descended from Adarna (I know it's a weird theory) and she happens to be the youngest descendent or something like that. Also, she didn't mention any female relatives so...

Sorry for rambling, I just had so much to say about this game. I'm so looking forward to the next chapter!

Oh no, I appreciate the effort. This was the first original content VN I've made, so I'm really unsure how I'm doing and comprehensive posts like these are helpful! ^_^

Oooh I haven't heard of Water of Life, but it seems like a good reference material. Thanks!

I really love this game! 😍 I played through all 3 chapters of the demo version on Android. It's super convenient, since most games I can only play on the computer. This time I could lay comfortably in bed and just enjoy. 😊 I really like the setting, the idea, the plot and the characters. I'm a big fan of games with a medieval-like setting, or just a historical setting in general. The thing that I love the most in this game is probably that our character (Addie) is so funny and unique in her way of being 😂 I actually really can't decide which route I would play first, because I like something about each one of the guys! I think I will only be able to decide once the full game is out. Which I can't wait for! Good job and thank you for making such an amazing game for us! ❤️

Aww thanks!

Honestly, I feel that, which was one of the reasons why I added in a mobile version XD

Om my gosh I am so glad that there is an Android version I find this game incredible. Especially Pedro did it to me I would definitely take him as a route. I can’t wait for the update to come. And that’s 100% worth my money. Artstyle so pretty and unique ❤️🎮✨

Thanks! >///<

Glad the android version served you well! ^_^

okay, dang, this is adorable! i was still in the first chapter earlier and i'm already having a hard time choosing who to pick first because AAAA i love people like diego who's really timid and all but i also like juan who gets shy around easily AND aaaaa i love pedro's protective/sassy attitude. putting three lovely men together should be illegal! T^T but really, i love the game, it's so adorable, i love your take on the story (i'm filipina too, so i know ibong adarna!), and you did a veeeery great job! can't wait for the full game. <3


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! 

It's nice to hear the thoughts of those who are already familiar with the original story, what with how I put my own spin on it ^^"
Helps me feel out what works ^_^

(4 edits)

wait, you did all of this alone? im impressed, you made a really good job, i just love it so muuuch. i finish to play the demo a moment ago, and bro, Diego is so cute, now im anxious here waiting for the time when i will can play his route. well, jokes aside.. but seriously, i really love this in a level that u don't have idea😩😩 (sorry about my english, is not my native linguage heh

edit: oh i forgot to say that the game work perfect on my phone, and im really surprised with that, most of the games that i download just start crashing out of nowhere, so im reaaally happy with this.     and sorry again, but now is about the long text<333

Thanks! Yep, I didn't have a team for this project ^^" (cause it was honestly made on a whim XD)

Diego seems to be pretty popular XD. It'll be a while before I can finish, but I hope you'll be able to wait patiently ^_^

In the meantime, I'll also be releasing shorter games on the side every now and then, if you're interested to check them out <3

Also thanks for the mobile build confirmation ^_^b

I love this game sm! Amazing work!!

please continue in this awesome game I really enjoyed it! <D


Thanks, glad you liked it! ^_^

I'm definitely still continuing it (albeit slowly ;P)

saw that a character in the game was called addie and instantly had to play it. thank you for making this it's amazing

Haha nice. Thanks ^_^

Uwa, can i ask how long the chapters would be to finish up the entire series?

I'm not sure about sure about the length yet, but I do want each route to be at least as long as the common route (about 30k words each). Though with what I have planned so far, they might go longer than that (and varying lengths depending on the route).


I finished the game yesterday, and let me say, I am in love with this. I FRICKIN LOVE THIS A LOT. First of all, I love how you humanized Don Pedro and Don Diego and making them more than just "Jealous Brother 1" and "Jealous Brother 2" (How dare you make them mostly my type in fictional men!!!). Secondly, I love the art! The backgrounds, the character design, the music. EVERYTHING! I really like how the art style really feels like something from a fairy tale. Thirdly, I really like how you handled the original characterization from the original story and transitioning it to this one. Mostly Don Juan's, since I kept asking myself while I was playing that 'didn't Don Juan have at least 2 girlfriends in the aftermath of Ibong Adarna?' and I literally almost screamed when Don Pedro said that he has a habit for falling in love with the maids since when we were forced to read it in 7th grade I was thinking of Don Juan as either a cheater, or literally falls in love with every woman he comes across. Fourthly, I love their family dynamic. Not only does it make sense for this story, but for the original too! Since they never really knew each other when they were younger, and basically had a non-existent relationship. Fifthly, Addie is a really good main character. She may be a little confused sometimes, but she means well. I love and adore her very much. I would die for her.

All in all, I really adore the story so far! For the question on who's route I would do first, probably Juan's (since he's the og story's protagonist, it makes sense that he should go first), then I'd flip a coin for Diego or Pedro (I really won't be able to decide). 

Also, when you finish the whole game, would you still let it be playable on desktop?

Anyways, even though it isn't finished yet, it already holds a special place in my heart. And when the full game eventually comes out, I know that I will love it to pieces. 

Take care, Anta!

Thanks for the comprehensive feedback! I've actually been contemplating on what to do with the backgrounds going further, since they originally came out that way cause I was rushing this for the jam and had to use a style that's easiest for me to do, so I wasn't sure if it was fitting ^^"

Glad you liked their characterization! I actually did try to base their personalities off the original, and Don Juan was honestly the most difficult to figure out. I had more leeway with Pedro and Diego since they have a lot of character developing I could play around with XD

As for the full version- I probably can't have it be playable on browser cause of size limitations (that one will stay as demo), but it'll definitely be released for desktop (Windows, Linux and Mac). Android will just be secondary. 

Again, thanks for taking time to post this. It really helps :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Hope you enjoy! :>

Hello! I can't get the game to download :( 

I have a mac

I don't have mac, so I couldn't test it... so I tried uploading another version in an external site. 

Try downloading the "Updated Windows, Mac and Linux Version". I hope it works ^^"

Cool game!  I covered it in Part 2 of my Otome Jam reviews! C: Starts at 4:08.


Oh my gosh, this was actually adorablE?? I didn't know much about the background legend beforehand, but the characters' banter with each other really pulled me in and made me sympathize with all of them. Even if Addie was ridiculously out-of-place in their kingdom, she somehow works out weirdly well with everyone.

I especially like Pedro's uneasy mix of "Oniisan" and "no, literally, I will stab you if you even think about causing harm to anyone" - he's just such a good big brother, and it's clear that his role weighs on him. But Diego and Juan are both incredibly sympathetic in their own ways, and Diego is pretty as heck. I really liked this game and I'd love to see the full version (so I can actually properly date Pedro)!

A Pedro appreciator :D My main goal for the common route was definitely to establish their characters and develop their bonds. Really glad you enjoyed them :>

I tried to make it as accessible as possible for those who are not familiar with the original, but at the same time, snuck in some callbacks for those who are ;) Thank you very much for the interest!

Yooooo it's based on the Filipino folk story titled "Ang Alamat ng Ibong Adarna" 


That it is =)


I'm such a sucker for retellings of classic tales that humanize the characters :) :) I really love the princes, and Addie!! I love the bonds the 4 of them share, whether they're romantic or platonic, it's clear they all care very deeply :) super excited for the rest!! Will definitely buy the full release :D

Aaah, thanks for the support! Glad you liked them =D

The full release will take a while, but I'll definitely be putting up updates on the devlog ^_^


I really love the art style :3 It's very pretty. Addie is so cute! Without spoiling anything, I have to say that I loved Diego's face reveal, haha. That was a super adorable moment ^-^ I just thought the whole thing was adorable. I'm not sure which route I would pick first out of Diego and Juan. I feel like maybe Diego just because I gravitated more towards him in general. There's just something about him that I can't quite put my finger on, haha.

I shall have to make sure I check out Ibong Adarna because I'd never heard of it before playing this, and it seems like a pretty cool tale!

Congratulations on getting so much done on your own :3 You've achieved a hell of a lot! I've done a few jams solo before this one, and it sure is a lot of work, haha. This time I decided to team up with some artists because, sadly, I have no talent for art whatsoever T_T Even still, I barely slept throughout the jam with all the work there was to do with writing and putting it all together, so I know the feeling when you say you 'died making this' x3 Awesome job though! Keep it up :3


Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment ^v^

Ah, yes... that part :D. It's a very chill moment~ I was actually contemplating if I should put Diego's reveal on his route or on the common route, but I really wanted to make that CG XD 

Glad it made you interested in the story. It's very well known here since it's a mandatory part of the school curriculum.

It sure didn't help that I ended up procrastinating on this during that last few weeks, and that I started out with literally no script so I actually just let the characters roleplay themselves =v=" Thanks again!

I don't blame you for wanting to make that CG, haha. And I'm glad you included it in the common route because it was such an adorable moment :3 I think I would have picked him with or without the reveal, but the reveal made me think he was even more adorable :D

It sounds more interesting than anything that was on my curriculum at school x3 

Oh, gosh, yeah, I kinda did the same thing but at the start >.< haha. I have this problem every time I decide to make a jam game where I see the jam coming up, think to myself 'I really should prepare for this if I'm gonna give it a shot...'. Then the runup comes and goes, everyone has already made their teams, and I'm sat there still debating if I'm even gonna make anything or not xD I always make up my mind once the jam has already started, so then I'm behind from the beginning >.<" Aaaaand, I always make the mistake of thinking things will be faster to do than they actually are, haha. Then I wind up getting no sleep throughout most of the jam just so I can finish everything on time x3 I think you did an awesome job anyhow!

I love this. It's really good. I can't wait for more. To answer the question I chose Diego because I like getting to know more about the quiet characters and it's fun being able to tease him. Thank you for creating this. Hope you are doing well (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! ^_^


also; my filipino teacher will be very happy to see this. love the game!! :D 


Hehe. The idea actually came from my 7th grade brother who recently had Ibong Adarna for their class :D
Thanks for playing!