~One of the shortlisted games for Spooktober 2021~


When Kira and Ame return to their hometown of Misteria for their college break, it doesn't really take long for them to hear about a local's murder.

Kira wants nothing to do with this case, but when they learn about the circumstances of the murder being strangely similar to a storybook they once read as children... well, obviously they end up entangled with this damn mystery...!

NOTE: the game would sometimes get an error when on the main menu. Just click 'ignore' and the game will start. The error wouldn't turn up in the main menu anymore even if you go back there.


-Original Art (CGs, BGs, Sprites)

-More than 15k words

-1-2 hours of gameplay

-Tons of bad ends

-Walkthrough txt file in the folder

-Spot the references ;) 

-.... And more to discover!


Anta - Sprite artist, Coder, Co-writer, CG artist 

Twitter | DA

Paps- Writer


Juu- BG and props artist


Kido- UI artist


Kevin Macleod- Honorary composer


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PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
AuthorsAnta, Juu, lepapillonrouge
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsAnime, Comedy, Halloween, Horror, Mystery, Point & Click, Ren'Py, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


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misteria.com-100-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 384 MB
TalesofMisteria-1.0-mac.zip 383 MB
TalesofMisteria-1.0-pc.zip 401 MB

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HI! I loved your game! Are you planning to make a sequel of it? 

I need more about Ame and Kira :c pretty pleeeeasseeeee!!!!!!

We have a plan... but as for whether or when we can execute it or not is another matter😅

Can I do fanarts at least? :'3

Of course!

Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

Of course! ^_^

Thank youuu!!!

Dev Anta, a question for you about Tales of Misteria, why don't you release the Android version on the Google Play Store, the game would be well played and looked at by the guys.

I was actually looking into that the other day!

... But then learned that I need a credit card (which I don't have) for Google to allow me to submit games ^^"

hmmm, got it.

(1 edit)

would a debit giftcard work? There are generic ones like visa gift cards that have a preset ammount in premade account it's linked to. It is functionally EXACTLY the same, and linked to an account page you can use to check balance or add to, minus y'know... bank junk or a real cred card.

might do the job, might not. 🤷

Cool game. The mystery was very engaging with a satisfying conclusion. The art is especially impressive and having it move is a nice touch. I'd like to see a spin-off about Kira and Ame since this game doesn't focus on their relationship very much; things like their past and future together are teased but not really explored, which is a bummer because their interactions are one of the best parts of this game.


Thanks! ^_^

We actually did plan a romance subplot between Ame and Kira (which has been hinted throughout the game), but we had to cut it out since we only had a month to complete this and we ran out of time ^^"


So have this instead ;D


This game was amazing! I found it after playing "The Demon Lord is Mine!" and it was even better than I was expecting! The way that this game combines different genres together is what makes this game so fun to play, and the artwork in this game is really well done! Anta is very talented, as is everyone else who worked on this game. I would definitely recommend that you play this game, if you haven't already.



The team appreciates your comment ♥️

Lovely story and artwork!

Thanks! ^_^

This was a really nice game. Went through a bunch of bad ends until I got to the full ending. Did not expect the plot twist! The noise, smoke, and other animations are also great, really set the mood.

Thanks, glad you liked it! ^v^

Just wanna ask how do you get the full ending cuz i tried a billion times and i just couldn't find it

Which part of the story are you in/are you stuck?

Epic game

Thank you! 


Hi Dev Anta, all good with you, I really liked the concept and the game itself, I wanted to ask a question, could you add the Brazilian Portuguese language and subtitles in the next game update, it would be a big thanks.


Thank you for the interest!

Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to do this as we do not know anyone who can translate to Brazilian Portuguese. If anyone would be willing to help with that though, then we'll see what we can do.

We'd like our game to be as accessible as possible after all ^_^


um, i understand


Cute animations. Kudos to the artist for drawing allll those sprites within the jam period! I do love me some mystery vns that combine going around places and point and click elements. 


Thanks! The sprites definitely took up most of my time, even waaay more than the CGs. 

Glad you enjoyed the game! ^_^