Princess Lumi has been held captive in the demon lord’s castle situated in a land of everlasting winter.

She hates it. It’s cold, it’s lonely, the food is bad, and there’s literally nothing to do! 

The only good thing about this place is the tea and snacks.

Princess:  "I know I said I’d help you out, but I am exhausted. I'd be willing to do something else though."

Hero(?): "Of course! As long as you don’t kick me out of here."

… These are the days of winter they spent together.

NOTE: This is a separate universe from "The Demon Lord is Mine!"



-20k+ Words

-1 Romance Route

-1 Good Ending + a couple of bad ends

-5 Unique CGs

-Partial Voice Acting (not available for Web Version)

-Bonus POV Side Stories (not available for Web Version)


Art, Coding, Writing: 

Ko-fi | Commissions | Twitter

Voice Acting:

Cethin -Charlie Periard

Demon Butler -Corey Wilder

'Hero' -Reece Bridger

White Mage -Meg TheLovableDork

Black Mage -Erica Sherman


Kevin MacleodSouichi SakagamiJulius HJS Bach

RPGMaker VXAceFelisyan Studios, Orange Free Sounds




Other Games:

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(145 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withPaint Tool SAI, Ren'Py
TagsAnime, Christmas, Cute, Dating Sim, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Otome, Romance, Story Rich


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it was beautiful this would make a cute anime i loved it so much. Thank you so much for her giving that hero what he deserved my poor elven husband

So you make the draws with your hands? If is so, you have made a very, well made game.

In the end, the dark elf was better than the hero.

You mean if I drew this? Yeah.

Your game is very good. Sorry if I was a bit suspicious, but in this time there are many people that cheat, commissioning the image to something else (if you know what I mean), sustaining that are done by them.

Again, your game is really nice and I like you drawings.

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh ok. It's fine, I was just a bit confused by the way you phrased it😂

And thanks! Yeah, I'm also the artist for the game since I work solo most of the time.

SUCH CUTIES!! Really doesnt dissapoint sooo well done! CETHIN SO CUTE LUMI SO CUTE REO SO CUTE?!?!? its unfair how good this was <3

+1 reo route

(2 edits) (+1)




I love ittt!!!!!! Interesting storylines and I absolutely love the art and the CGs!! Reo is the best as well as Cethin!! T_T  100000/10 will never forget how this game entertained me 

Just finished the game!! I loved it :'D I was so lost though when I first heard the singing- but I like it! A good start to a great story 
I love Cethin and Lumi's relationship so much! they are so adorable <3

And Reo? I love  Reo! I love how sassy he is lol (perhaps another +1 for Reo route lol) 

It is worth it! So cute and lovable! <3


This was so adorable! Loved it and definitely +1 to a Reo route, I am begging-


hayaaaaa I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT although I really wish there was a Reo route cause I WOULD DIE FOR IT!!!!! But overall I loved the story ^^

Adorable. I would die for Cethin


this is actually so good wtf !!! sob sob ,, i genuinely enjoyed every bit of it the writing, art, music, characters, the relationships and banter .. i love it so much its so rich and story filled and full of life made my heart very warm and happy !!! thank you so much for your hard work on this amazing game its forever going to be in my mind rent free

Aww thanks! Glad you liked it🥰

THIS WAS SO CUTEEE OMG I LOVED IT SO MUCH i am begging for a reo route please i am on my knees with tears in my eyes while pleading





That was so SO CUTE. The LI is so adorable, I'm so glad I played this! <3


omgomgomg this game??? has voice acting???????? TIME FOR A REPLAY!!!!!!!! also, since we're doing this +1 TO REO ROUTE <3333

Ahhhhhh I played this and I loved it so much! It's SO cute, Cethin is adorable. I would deeply love a Reo route as well, I hope someday you decide to continue it!

Glad you  enjoyed it! ^_^

I clicked on this game half expecting some random nonsense but this was actually so good wtf- (Also istg Reece haunts me in every game....)

Glad it subverted your expectations you😂

It went wayyyyyyyyy past my expectations and I even learned a bit! (Also is your pfp Zhongli??)

Lol yes :)

The singing in the beginning caught me so off guard 😭 but I absolutely loved playing this!! Reo was such a funny character and Cethin was so cute ❤️❤️


Glad you liked it! <3

Reo was indeed meant to be comic relief🤭


Adorable winter fairytale with a charming cast of characters. The art is so beautiful. I loved the animated sprites and CGs. I enjoyed the Lumi x Cethin romance a lot.

P.S. Reo is a great character, so... + 1 vote for Reo route, I guess XD


PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE make a Reo ending, i legit made an account just to ask for one because that's how badly I not only want but NEED one


LOL. He appreciates the effort😉
+1 to Reo's vote 😌

When is Cethin's b'day? I wanna celebrate that sweetheart every year

Um... Feb 13! :)


Not me frequently checking to see if a Reo route has been added lol

I will keep checking until the end of time because i was not lying when i said i NEED one



I got the Cethin ending, was there a Reo ending?

I think the Cethin one was the cutest ヽ(•‿•)ノ ever!

I will repeat over and over, THANK YOU ANTA FOR MAKING THIS!


Nope! Only one route. Reo is nonromanceable ;D
...You can try tho XD




+1 Vote for Reo~

this is amazing, i usually dont like set ups like this, but the story line is unlike any other, so - called related stories, i very much like and aquainted with the use of english, especially the folk like lore, the way the bard speaks, personally, although some may not like it, it seems to fit for me, even made for me or people like me who aquire the same taste.

i saw saw coments related- about reo, so personally i like cethin. i'd like to keep his dialogue or the way he speaks, so called for me, fit's right with me, my aquired taste, not so-bland, plain. english but a more complex one. in- tone. im merely hoping there are other people, merely the same taste of in likeness and this is not about adding characthers or so in the story.

i actually like to see men in long hair and i like his skin tone of choice, rather different from others, make's him unique to stand from other's and his personality, muah cheff's kiss. i can see his is not just, or up to that, up to look's. he has depht and not just a wall, of looks. i can see you clearly work on them, as their personality and the way they speak to differ their charactheristics, as i can see the difference with how reo act's and uses to express the way he act's.

Oh do you mean his singing or his manner of speech?
Either way, I'm glad you liked it! ^_^


this is super impressing! i love the storyline and the art was AMAZING, i absolutely loved the characters and i would really love a route for reo!! i thought the bonus side stories were a nice touch as well


I can see why people like reo,
but can i like, adopt him?-

Hes wayyy older im sure lmao

Im shocked that such a wonderful game is free!! this is the best princess story ı have ever seen :') ıt was amaziiing!! Im glad ı was able to play this beatiful game. thanks for everyone who worked for this game !


I'm glad you liked this enough to earn such a high praise 😭

it was absolutely amezing. if there was more, i would go to it in an instant (even tho it's 3 in the morning for me) :D


Okay i recently played three of your games and I love how you make your characters as well as their designs. The Jester is currently living rent-free in my head haha. I do hope you will go through with the Reo route someday but I throughly enjoyed the Cethin's route. I hope for the very best happy ending for all of them.

very wholesome. Also I see why everyone is begging for Reo xD 

(1 edit) (+1)

hi there!!

i believe this is my first time using this website, and your game was an absolutely wonderful introduction to it. the storytelling, the art, and everything in between- absolutely awesome!!

i really appreciate the hard work you put into this game. the fact that you made it all on your own (besides the voice acting, of course, which was also great) is really impressive, and it's something to be proud of. i'm saving the game on my computer in case i ever revisit it :) i went through it again just to see the extra content, and i'm so glad i did because i was introduced to the voice acting through that. i also had to check back to make sure i got all the gallery pictures, and i did! it feels like an achievement lol. i'm sad i reached the end, but i'm so glad for the experience. i would absolutely tip if i could.

do you ever plan on putting out a sequel, whether it be in game form or another, such as a written story? i would personally love to see more of lumi and cethin's interactions as a couple, as well as find out more regarding reo's fate and the future of his friendship with the couple. i totally understand if not, though- i'm sure you have other things going on.

i will probably be coming back to this comment to write more about the game just because i enjoyed it so much.

overall, i absolutely adore your game and i know that i will be thinking about it for a long time!!


Thanks for taking the time to comment ^_^

There is quite a demand for Reo's route, but I still couldn't promise that I'll do his; so yes, there is a chance to revisit this story, but again, no promises.


Hello, I really enjoyed your game and all of the time and effort put into it!! It was a great length and had enough choices to keep the VN part of it alive. I really loved each character from the bottom of my heart, and while you can definately add my vote to the list of people voting for a Reo route I know that something like this takes a lot of time, effort, and planning. So thank you for continuing to release your wonderful games, and especially for free. Everything you make is absolutely riviting to play! Cethlin was an adorable character that grew a good amount, it was fun to watch how he developed over the course of the game! It really surpried me when you pulled out his new tallent during the end and i'm pretty sure my mind imploded with how much sense it made!! Over all the tale was just so endearing and sweet! Thank you once again!!

(Seriously though, we can Propose to Reo in the first choice of the game but can't get a happily ever after with him? Sad days...) lol I'm joking iof course


Aww thanks! 

(About that... Reo was originally supposed to be an 'add-on route', under the condition that I finish the main route early for the game jam, but I didn't finish early enough, thus being able to 'propose' to him early on ;D )


Lol it was a great easter-egg! Not going to lie, I played through the first part of the game all the way up to the sick scene at least three times trying to see if it was a hidden secret route lol! I'm still shocked how quickly you managed to get this out, especially with how polished it is!! You did a great job!

There is... actually... a hidden... 'demo route' 😏

What!? And I missed it!? Whelp, time to go play the game for five hour straight. What a shame 😁 thanks for letting me know!



I LOVE THIS IT WAS CUTE.. reo please,, I need you ...


The game was so cute (as are all your games haha)! I'm BEGGING for a Reo route. Add my vote for it pls!

Thanks! I love fluff and cute =w=

+1 to the vote!


This game was so much fun to play! I especially liked the cutscenes that we got to see a few times. Though honestly, even though I find Cethin cute, the demon butler caught my attention the second I saw him lol. So I NEED a Reo route!!

(P.S. I only created an account so I could vote for a Reo route :D So def. consider it if you get the chance in the future!)


Oh wow, now that's dedication.

I am considering it. We'll see 🤭

(In case (only IF in case) I'll be working on it, I'll be announcing it on a devlog or on Twitter) 


Aa thanks for your reply :DD! And only ,if only,  you decide to work on it i'll be waiting for your announcement!

I miss Reo... He was a nice companion and plus I would consider him if Cethin didnt arrive

Reo was definitely fun to write 🤭

(2 edits) (+1)

Seriously, thank you so much for making this game for free! The art is really pretty, I especially love how the color scheme and texture make it feels like I am reading an old fairy tale book. As for the story, I love the twists you make about the princess in tower trope! The music and VA also make the story feel more alive (is that make sense?). And quoting Reo, Lumi and Cethin are so sickeningly cute that it gives me diabetes.

Just like a lot of people, I also hope there's a possibility to date our sassy wingman in the future. I don't want to break the already sailing Lumi Cethin ship, so maybe with different heroine in a different game? 👀


Thanks for taking the time to post a long comment! ^_^

I know that feel, but alas, such is the nature of otome XD.

Reo is definitely a recurring OC of mine, and he will have the tendency to appear in my other games (he cameo'd as a child in Tales of Misteria, and will be an NPC in a WIP game)... although he'll always appear with a different background, personality and name and won't necessarily be an LI =3=


How you gonna have a sassy butler and not let me smooch him? The audacity!

Hehe >:D
//adds that to butler vote.

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